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Floyd Mayweather, 45-0, Is A Loser

Before we get into just why, let’s play a game why don’t we. A game with the public called “Choice”.

If you're Floyd Mayweather, sometimes you can't win for losing

Eni meni mini moe

Catch a liar by his toe

If he hollers tell him “So?”





“We choose Pacquiao!” (Er.. He wasn’t on the list. Place excuses HERE, which is a big purple garbage can)

“Well we choose Maidana!! Yea, Yea!” (No longer available- by design. See why HERE.)

“Well then… Fine. Khan.” (That’s more or less how “we” feel. See why HERE.)

Floyd Mayweather’s latest trick on the public includes a poll on “HIS” site (you find it) which suggests that you the fan “prefer” he face Amir Khan next.

I’m giving that a moment of silence… (4, 3, 2, 1)

Pretend we’re in a football stadium watching a game refereed by replacement officials - who just made a really, really bad call – and they’ve began chanting something very loudly that stinks and comes from a bull.

Yep… that one.

Floyd Mayweather might quite possibly be related to Pinocchio. The fans don’t want this fight- he wants it, because Al Haymon views it as the easiest option for the most money.

And he’s right.

You and I don’t matter- and we never really have when it comes to Mayweather since he left Top Rank.

Speaking of which (since he said he’ll never do business with Bob Arum), why did he even offer Manny Pacquiao $40 million dollars? He certainly had to know that Bob Arum was going to be connected to that offer.

What he knew, was that the offer was preposterous, and the equivalent of someone knowing a job is worth $25 an hour but accepting $10. He knew Pacquiao wouldn’t take that offer, just like he never had any intention of fighting Marcos Maidana.

You honestly think Al Haymon was going to allow Mayweather to face Maidana and run the risk of him beating Floyd and his bootleg version in Broner?


We know he’s undefeated- but he’s somehow been defeated by victory.

Around this time last year, I was about to write this article about Floyd (which exploded in social media among fight fans) for choosing the immortal Robert Guerrero. The casual fan did not know who the hell Guerrero was- and that was just fine by Floyd.

He was a blown-up lightweight (same as he called Brandon Rios, who I think would beat Guerrero) fresh off a win over what we confirmed is a club fighter in Andre Berto.

Can’t anyone see what he does?

We’re supposed to count on the best fighter in the world challenging the best opposition possible for what he’s making and you’re not.

Why did he only fight Hatton after seeing him poorly at 147? Why did he make Marquez climb two weight divisions and cheat him on the scales? Why did he bring back his father for a 39-year-old Mosley after Shane came in the ring and challenged him?

Floyd was sensational in that fight, but don’t think for a minute that Freddie Roach or Robert Garcia don’t enjoy a little popcorn while watching the 2nd round of that fight when Floyd was nearly stopped.

He only got in the ring with Ortiz after seeing him with Berto (yea, a trend) and knowing he had no will. He only faced Cotto because he thought he was through.

And after telling the world that Pacquiao’s same fight against Cotto shouldn’t count because of a catchweight, why should we count his win over Canelo for the same thing?

Can’t you see? He’s doing the same thing with Amir Khan. Someone he thinks (or really a lot of this is Haymon) is flawed enough to exploit while insulting our intelligence to pass him off as credible.

Floyd, shouldn’t he have to avenge his losses to Bredis Prescott, Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia?

And If Pacquiao was as irrelevant as he tries to make him out to be, he’d not only never talk about him, but he’d never even look like his subject bothered him at all. He’d be a small pimple on a big ass to him.

Instead, Pacquiao is the colossal zit on his forehead and psyche. Manny's decision to face Marquez four times alone tells Mayweather everything he needs to know. It would be like him facing Oscar De La Hoya four times.

Think Oscar would win one of those? (Me too.)

So while Pacquiao gets a rematch with a young, elite, black and undefeated (please, Tim knows he didn't beat Manny) WBO champ Timothy Bradley, Floyd arrogantly Khans the public.

Losers are people who are afraid of losing.

A police officer, a firefighter, or a marine isn't going to break the bank, but they’ll get run over by a tank if it means defending their honor.

In deciding that certain opposition represents a “tank”, Floyd can’t find peace in any line at a bank near you that he can break.

Because his conscious breaks him inside.

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