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Floyd & Mary Beth Brown explain "the Steve Stockman strategy"

Floyd & Mary Beth Brown
Floyd & Mary Beth Brown

On March 14th, 2014, Floyd & Mary Beth Brown provided some unique insight into the nature of Steve Stockman's failed primary bid against Republican incumbet John Cornyn.

Stockman's campaign was a disaster of proportions which would have been laughable were it not for the Texas congressman's severe detachment from reality.

The Browns, on the other hand, have chosen to establish their own demented fantasy land and are now insisting, not only that all negative reporting of Stockman's campaign is "just another mainstream media hit job that fabricated facts," but that Stockman never intended to win his Senate campaign in the first place.

Stockman never cared about the perks of Congress. He isn’t obsessed by the power like so many of the little people that populate the GOP caucus on the hill. He was frustrated by a do-nothing Boehner and pathetic leaders obsessed with protecting their jobs, damn the country.

Instead Stockman did exactly what he set out to achieve. He knew Karl Rove was intent on taking him out in his congressional primary, so he upped the ante and forced Rove to spend millions protecting his crown jewel, John Cornyn.

Cornyn has been a Rove lackey from way back. Rove uses him for information and access.

I am not sure how many millions Rove had to spend, but I know it was multiple millions, maybe as much as $10 million through all the independent committees he had trashing Stockman.

The real story is that Rove won’t have the money he spent against Steve to spend against tea-party candidates all over the country in upcoming primaries.

That's right ladies and gentlemen: It took two people to come up with something this stupid.

Usually, the Tea Party's tactic is to blame Democrats for policies and publicity stunts that have blown up spectacularly in their faces. The Browns' approach is, therefore, novel, but still depends on the same detachment from reality that has never benefited them before.

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