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Flowtie? Yes, Flowtie

Chevrolet has been looking at every way to make their cars lighter, more aerodynamic and even more unique with something as simple as a badge look. Well that classic Chevrolet bow tie has been slightly redesigned for the new Camaro Z/28.

The uniquely designed Chevrolet bowtie
Fox News

The simplistic redesign essentially was the removal of the gold center which allows air to flow directly in the the engine bay. Now, you may be thinking, how does just taking out the center of the badge help anything. Well, according to Chevrolet, it allows three cubic meters of more air per minute to converse with that high powered engine.

Now of course they are not going to get rid of the bow tie but with a car like the Z/28, they know that most likely the customer base for a vehicle like the Z/28 is going to take their car to the track and want as much power out of it as possible.

The customer might not feel the difference but that massive LS7 engine creating 505 horses will.

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