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Flowers 101

Choose flowers in season to save on costs.
Choose flowers in season to save on costs.
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There are several florists in Lincoln that provide wedding services. It is best to set up a consultation at least four to five months in advance to ensure the florist you go with has availability on your wedding date. It’s also one less check on your lengthy to-do list!

Flowers will likely comprise at least 7 to 10 percent of your wedding budget. Costs quickly start to add up when you consider the bridal bouquet, wedding party, parents, attendants and other relatives who customarily carry a bouquet or wear a boutineere. That’s not to say you have to follow tradition, but older relatives, particularly grandparents, will expect to wear boutineeres. You can cut down on costs with small bouquets or single flowers, ensuring the flowers you choose are in season.

For a reasonably-priced florist, try Hy-Vee Floral on 27th and Superior streets. As a full-service florist, they can typically order the same types of flowers you would find at a large flower shop. For an even better deal, and to make things easier, order your cake from Hy-Vee and you will receive a 10 percent discount on both services. Keep in mind their bakery is not as impressive, however.

Before going to your consultation, have a good idea of what you want the flowers to look like and write down every person that will need a flower. This will save time and nerves trying to pick your flowers. Also, decide on a budget beforehand. Make your budget clear to the florist before you start picking flowers. They will be more inclined to work with you on budget if you tell them up front and can suggest various alternatives that will help you meet your budget.

If real flowers are not a priority for you, there are other options to consider. If you intend to make bouquets and boutineeres, however, do this well in advance. If it gets to about three months until the wedding and they still are not done, make a mad dash to the florist, as you will have a lot more to do at this point than make bouquets.

General flower estimates for Hy-Vee Floral:
Bridal Bouquet: $150 to $300

Bridesmaid Bouquet: $25 to $50 each

Boutineere: $10 to $12 each

Wrist Corsage: $10 to $12 each



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