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Flower names at your fingertips thanks to Google Play store and Montana apps

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Sometimes you see a flower and you don't know what it is, so you search books and the Internet in a hunt to name it. And often you learn that the flower is one of several varieties, with some parts of the world calling it one thing and others calling it another. So when Whitney Tilt moved to Bozeman he was discouraged about not being able to find a wildflower book to help him name plants, so he decided to write one himself, lending credence to the saying "necessity is the mother of invention."

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Great Falls Tribune reported on June 25 that Tilt followed up his Flora of the Yellowstone Region book by creating an app, for the tech consumer. And he didn't stop there, now also offering apps for naming wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and trees in Yellowstone National Park, Glacier, Oregon, Idaho, Yosemite and elsewhere.

The plant-naming apps are available at the Apple store, the Google Play store and some are available as Kindle Fire devices as well, with the Yellowstone wildflower-naming app available at no cost, while other flower-naming apps costing about $7.99 each.

Fortunately, just about anything you want to know about some flowers and plants, like the Southern Living Plant Collection, can be found at your fingertips for free, as the flower and plant company provides quick basic information about their products in a one-page, easy-to-find online format here.

SLPC also includes a video about each product that goes a little more in-depth about each flower or plant, including where it might hail from, like their Queen Mum Agapanthus flowering plant from Australia.

Whitney Tilt's new company High Country Apps might be making it easier to name wildflowers in the Northern part of the country, and that's a good thing, but Southern Living Plant Collection appears to have cornered the market in the South when it comes to finding out about flowers and plants that thrive here. And the company is making that information available for free, and in an easy-to-access online venue. You just can't beat that!