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Flower growers and flower market owners are welcome to floral design classes

There are various types of students who are learning flower arrangements at a floral design school. The vast majority of students are people who want to learn floral designs as a hobbyist. These people would like to earn floral designing skills just for having fun and not for doing floral business.

beautiful European floral arrangements
beautiful European floral arrangements
California Flower Art Academy students, instructors an graduates
table arrangement of floral decoration
California Flower Art Academy

Take California Flower Art Academy for instance, majority of students learn it for hobby. However there are many students who do have a very clear purpose and goal for learning flower arrangements. Some of them are planning to have their own floral shop after earning floral design skills. Some of them would like to offer wedding floral decorations as an independent floral designer.

Some people are already engaged in floral business such as running a floral shop. By learning flower arrangements, they would like to enhance the portfolio of the floral decorations. Once they earn decent floral design skills, they can begin wedding (or funeral) flower decorating services.

Some are working as an event planner or wedding planner. By earning skill of floral designs, they would like to get more business opportunities OR want to do their business with less difficulties in winning competitions. Actually the skill and knowledge of floral decorations help them do their business much more effectively and obtain more business chances.

Some are currently engaged in the business of growing flowers. They would like to offer a little bit more value-added services to their customers by way of earning flower arranging skills. These people often come to a classroom from a very distant location by driving a long way to and from the school.

It is obvious that most people who are engaged in floral business do have interest in flower arrangements. California Flower Art Academy helps these people earn practical skills of flower arranging from time to time. Even if they do not offer floral decorating services to their customers, the knowledge about floral arranging skills MUST be quite helpful to them when contacting their customers and business friends as well.

If you are interested in earning practical skill of floral arranging, California Flower Art Academy is more than happy to help you. Our friendly hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions will greatly help you earn floral design skills easily and quickly. No matter whether you have previous experiences in the floral business or regardless of educational background relating to floral arrangements, you can find a most suitable program/course among A WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS offered by California Flower Art Academy. You can pick up your favorite program by well considering your taste, purpose, goal and budget. For further information, feel free to contact We help you make a difference in floral art.

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