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Flower arrangement tips

As well as selecting the right flowers and flower colors, it is also important to arrange them properly. Beautifully arranged flowers enhance the beauty of flowers and make the gift of flowers even more appreciated and remembered. Want to learn flower arrangement? Read on to know some basic tips of flower arrangement.

Color, tone, and shade. These are the three most important things to keep in mind when making any flower arrangement. You can mix different colors together to add vibrancy and excitement to your floral arrangement. But do not sway too far off the color palette. See what draws the eye and what really works together before putting them together.

If you want to keep your flower arrangement simple, choose just one flower type and one single color. Or go for two colors of the single flower type.

The second crucial thing to keep in mind when arranging flowers is the space between the flowers. Spacing should be proper. The space between the flowers should neither be too much nor too less. If the space is less, the floral arrangement may look cluttered and if it is too much, the bouquet may look empty or incomplete.

There are several different forms that are used in flower arrangement. Some of them are pyramid, dome, horizontal, inverted, fan, triangular, oval and vertical. Depending on whether you want the flower arrangement to flow vertically or horizontally, you can choose from these various forms.

It would be good to know where you would be putting the flowers. If you are using a vase, you would need to measure the length of the cut based on the type of the vase that is being used. Flowers should be one to two times taller than the vase in which they are put.

The shape of the container should also be considered. A basic cylindrical vase looks simple. A round vase looks playful. A square or round vase looks more subtle and sophisticated. Choose the shape that suits your personal taste and requirements.

Want to add fillers? Do not forget to consider the texture of the flowers. Certain flowers go together with particular foliage and flowers only. Before adding leaves or greenery or tree branches from your backyard make sure that it complements the texture and color of flowers that you have chosen.

Start by placing the largest flowers in the center of the container. Place one flower at a time and work from the center outwards. If you are using a variety of flowers, add the smaller flowers in the same way, one at a time. Repeat it till all the flowers are put in the vase. If you're using greenery, or fillers, add them at the end, one piece at a time. Put the maximum of it in the center and at the back of the arrangement for beautiful results.

When you order flowers at flower shops that offer delivery services, check their flower arrangements before placing the order. Choose the best arrangement to ensure that your gift is well appreciated.

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