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FLOSS Manuals Continue to Impress

Floss Logo
Floss Logo
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I have written before on the very ambitious project, FLOSS. Its main goal of producing quality open source documentation continues to impress with the latest additions to the library.

Some of the new addition inlcude

  • Pure Data - Pure Data is commonly used for live music performance, VeeJaying, sound effects, composition, audio analysis, interfacing with sensors, using cameras, controlling robots or even interacting with websites
  • CiviCRM -CiviCRM focuses on the needs of non-profits. Most business CRMs are focused on managing commerce; CiviCRM emphasizes communicating with individuals, community engagement, managing contributions, and administering memberships
  • CampSite - Campsite is a multilingual content management system (CMS) for news websites. Its easily localizable user interface was built with the end user (journalist/editor/publisher) in mind and it can be configured to suit different profiles of end users to each according his or her own technological prowess
  • Handbrake - Handbrake is designed to do one thing very well - to transcode non-encrypted DVDs to a file ready for Internet sharing.

FLOSS manual are concise, well writen free guides to the best of the open source software. Floss Manuals are written by authors, editors, artists, software developers, activists, and many others. There are manuals that explain how to install and use a range of free and open source softwares, about how to do things (like design) with open source software, and manuals about free culture services that use or support free software and formats.

Anyone can contribute to a manual – to fix a spelling mistake, to add a more detailed explanation, to write a new chapter, or to start a whole new manual on a topic.


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