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Florist handling perishable goods like fresh flowers is time sensitive business

Due to the nature of fresh cut flowers that do not live so long, running a floral shop is one of time sensitive businesses. It is difficult to keep stock of fresh cut flowers for a long period of time. Because of this reason business owners are required to make a quick turnover on the stock of their merchandise.

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Those who are planning to engage in floral business by opening a florist should understand the nature of the business handling perishable goods. It looks like many people like the business of running a floral shop seemingly because people engaged in floral business can be surrounded by beautiful flowers while working at a floral shop. Once they establish a strategic way of effective operation and work hard to run their business of floral shop, they MAY be successful in their business and make lots of money.

Actually a lot of people are enjoying the business of running a floral shop. However it is necessary to understand what they are required to do BEHIND THE SCENESES. Not only the effective operation to reduce the turnover rate of stock but also quick delivery is always needed in this business. Especially for funeral flowers, many customers need fresh flowers to be delivered on the same day or quite shortly after placing an order with a floral shop.

We can find same kind of situation in the business of handling fresh fishes. Sellers handling fresh fishes to a market or owners of sushi restaurant MAY be put in the same situation where they are pressed for the time not to miss the right timing for selling out perishable goods.

Not only floral shops but also floral design schools teaching fresh flower arrangements are required to make an effective operation to avoid losing freshness of cut flowers. In order to preserve fresh goods, we can now use a refrigerator which greatly helps business owners keep fresh merchandise for a long period of time. So we can now largely depend on refrigerators when running a floral shop or floral design school. Nevertheless it is ideal to sell or use out fresh merchandise as quickly as possible, which contributes to reducing inventory and improving cash flow for daily operation of business.

If you are a hobbyist floral designer and want to avoid any unnecessary headache of keeping cut flowers fresh, using several flowers with a long life can help release you from a headache.

Among many kinds of flowers, it is said that under mentioned flowers can live longer than other flowers. Outstanding long life flowers are as mentioned below:

Orchid, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Lily, Gladiolas

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