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Floriole Cafe and Bakery in Lincoln Park

Floriole Cafe and Bakery, located in one of the many quaint sections of Lincoln Park off Webster Avenue, promises and delivers rustic food; the tantalizing Instagram tags are what prompted a Saturday excursion.

Floriole is owned by Sandra and Mathieu Holl, both of whom have impressive culinary backgrounds (you can read more here, but Sandra is Bon Appetit contributor and worked as a baker at Tartine in San Francisco). They started out selling their pastries at a tent at Chicago's Green City Market until they opened their location in Lincoln Park.

They strive to use organic and locally-sourced products, so their menu is subject to change depending on season and availability. They offer a range of their quintessential pastries (croissants, scones, cakes, and galettes) in addition to quiche, sandwiches, soups, and oatmeal.

Their storefront has outdoor seating, tall windows that let in sunlight, neutral brick walls, and a cheery interior with chalkboards for the menu. They were bustling with what appeared to be frequent patrons and those on their way back from yoga or the park.

Although Floriole supplies Intelligentsia Coffee shops around town with their line of pastries, the cafe sounded particularly appealing and worth adventuring to for brunch.

Their arugula and cheddar quiche with a drip coffee sounded perfect on a windy, sunny April day. The custard filling was good but the only downside was that the top was over-baked and missing the delicate flakiness you look for in a quiche. I'm sure this is just a random oversight, a result of a place that cranks out a ton of quiche for their loyal patrons.

In summary, Floriole is a lovely bakery and cafe that is known for what it does best: rustic baked goods and desserts that are a perfect accompaniment for coffee. Check it out next time you're in the neighborhood, or stop by your local Intelligentsia to get a sense for where they shine.

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