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Floridians Want Medical Marijuana

Floridians Want Medical Marijuana
Floridians Want Medical Marijuana
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Polls that came out today say that most Floridians, 88% as a matter of fact, will be voting yes for Amendment 2 come the November elections. Now this is the marijuana that will also have a THC content. In the legislature this past spring the form of marijuana called Charlotte's Web passed and Governor Scott signed it into law this past June. Charlotte's Web is the form of marijuana that is mostly CDB and has little or none THC content

Also asked on the poll is whether Floridians would be in favor of complete legalization of marijuana and some 55% said yes. The State of Florida will have one way or another some form of medical marijuana come 2015.

The Amendment 2 form takes the Charlotte's Web one step further. With the added THC people going through chemotherapy and other such treatments where you have nausea and pain. Many people are seeing this as a major change coming in the next year.

Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington St. many have been observing their progress and most are impressed with the numbers and want to take advantage it. Recently the Congress and the White House have talked about in favor of at least decriminalizing marijuana and that many are in favor of some form if medical marijuana. The New York Times newspaper just this past weekend stated that they were in favor of complete legalization.

Many are likening the increased revenue of the taxes that Colorado has been bringing in since the beginning of the year. The one draw back it seems is that some people have literally been smoking it all over the place and people must realize that there are still those who are not in favor of legal marijuana and their rights must be observed.

The time has come that under strict legislation marijuana can be legalized and that with proper restraint it can be monitored like alcohol. If you are driving under the influence you can still be ticketed and jailed just like alcohol.

Come this November Florida could be one step closer to complete legalization but at least those who can use this medical marijuana will be able to without any fears. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to