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Florida youth program challenges young men to 'Be the Change They Want to See"

Empowered Youth proves positive opportunities help its community's inner city kids and teens.
Empowered Youth proves positive opportunities help its community's inner city kids and teens.
Empowered Youth

Empowered Youth Vibe 305 Cafe in Miami wants to feed your office, sports group or event and other endeavors like construction sites, breakfast, lunch or dinner. The city challenge begins on July 9, 2014.

Empowered Youth Shines
Empowered Youth Collen Adams

Empowered youth's challenge consist of businesses everywhere stepping up to the plate to bat for inner-city youth.

Vibe 305 Cafe food truck is the brainstorm of Empowered Youth's Founder, Colleen Adams.

Adams effortlessly gives all she has and more to make sure these boys have a chance to become productive citizens.

Vibe 305 Cafe is still under design but the space has been procured for the project and the food truck is currently on the property.

The project trains inner-city boys to work as well as showcases their talents through art and music.

Vibe 305 is a point and place of pride where young men can grow, learn, expand their horizons as well as forge new pathways to a better life.

The program is designed to break the vicious cycle of inner-city young men between the ages of 12 - 18 who are are at-risk of landing in the Juvenile Justice system or dead.

Mentors and opportunities provide entrepreneurial techniques which help empower young men. The program achieves a lasting transformation in their lives for both themselves, their families and their communities.

The program also provides tools for young adults who want to build a better future.

Empowered youth reinforces the concept of hard work, dignity and respect. Constantly redirecting and engaging youth through training, jobs and hope.

"I started Empowered Youth after I went to Miami-Dade Juvenile Justice Detention Center for a Career Day event and discovered a warehouse full of forgotten kids caught-up in a system that treated symptoms not problems," said Adams.

The program's goal is to keep inner-city young men out of prison or from dying an early death on Miami's unforgiving inner-city streets.

The main focus has been on job development. A huge percentage of juvenile crime is money-related, addressing these factors is crucial to the program's ultimate success.

Poverty is the core issue these kids are trying to overcome. Social issues need to be met head on or the death toll and incarceration rate will continue to climb.

The program launched it's Food Truck Incubator Program designed to train and employ students and graduates of the Empowered Youth Neighborhood Program. The program consists of several months of culinary training.

At the end of the nine month program students receive a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to partner in their own food truck. Expanding the Vibe 305 franchise or taking their acquired skills to succeed in the hospitality industry.

The nonprofit venture designed to lift inner-city youth out of poverty is the main goal of the training program.

The Executive Chef on the Vibe 305 food truck is none other than Ronnie Vincent the well-known chef at the one and only Joe's Stone Crab in South Beach.

"He is a fabulous guy and wonderful with the boys. He is an excellent teacher and role model. We are very fortunate to have him on our team!" Adams said.

The program needs more locations to park the truck.

The program does well but to address the growing population of inner city youth, more locations are needed. More areas to sell food means more work for the growing number of teens needing opportunities to secure skills and employment.

"The truck has all the necessary permits and licenses, so what we need now are locations and a route that has access to foot traffic so that we can build our customer base and in doing so rebuild young lives," Adams said.

The food is healthy and delicious, the prices are reasonable, and the impact on young lives is monumental.

For those looking to participate in the city challenge please contact Colleen Adams and like the group on Facebook.

The food is perfect for parties, sporting groups, organizations, businesses complexes and construction site.

"These young men are working hard to change their lives and contribute to their community. Thank you so much for helping them succeed," Adams said.

Some words from youth in the program:

"After coming into this program my whole life has changed and all the negativity that was in my life has found its way out. I'm proud to say that this program is really a life saver, and also motivation and encouragement to become a better man. After being surrounded by people who care, it makes you feel better about who you are." Jonathan

"Empowered Youth Neighborhood has shown me that there are people willing to see beyond our flaws and mistakes and to give us opportunities and second chances. That there are people willing to give their all to help us help ourselves and to move forward in life and progress without boundaries." Darwin

"In Empowered Youth I've learned that there are really citizens of America that actually want to take their spare time out to keep youth from becoming a statistic. I thought that only happened in movies and TV shows, but the Empowered Youth Program has helped me enormously. Positive motivation comes from every angle, every aspect. Without this program my life could have been in jeopardy. Please take some time out to give this program a helping hand. More support coming from the community guarantees less endangered youth in our country." Cleo

"It is no coincidence that someone would end-up at TACOLCY Park and attend a session of the Empowered Youth Neighborhood Program. Becoming a student is a life-changing decision and if you were put in by the Juvenile Justice system, then that means that the system put put you on the right path to success." Al

For more information please visit their website, Empowered Youth, email Colleen Adams. You can also visit the program's Facebook page or call Colleen Adams directly (786) 317-4160.

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