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Florida woman says she was stripped by DHS agents in no-knock raid, media silent

In a stunning report posted Monday at the Tea Party News Network, Kari Edwards, a former DHS employee now living in Florida, was allegedly stripped by heavily-armed DHS agents who participated in an early-morning no-knock raid on the house she and her boyfriend live in.

Florida woman says she was stripped naked by DHS agents.
Kari Edwards/YouTube screenshot

According to TPNN, the raid took place at approximately 6:16 am on June 10th. A SWAT team that included DHS agents, smashed in the door and used flash-bang grenades, traumatizing their cat.

“They busted in like I was a terrorist or something,” Edwards said.

“[An officer] demanded that I drop the towel I was covering my naked body with before snatching it off me physically and throwing me to the ground,” she added. “While I lay naked, I was cuffed so tightly I could not feel my hands. For no reason, at gunpoint.”

Edwards claimed agents refused to cover her, despite her requests. According to her boyfriend, one armed agent ogled Edwards like "eye candy."

“I have never been in any trouble before,” she later said. “Haven’t even had a traffic ticket in over ten years.”

According to TPNN, Edwards repeatedly asked for identification, but was only told they were "police." Agents also refused to give her a reason for the raid.

Surveillance cameras caught much of the action, TPNN added, but they were turned away upon discovery.

After agents thoroughly trashed the home, she was given a warrant signed by Jonathan Goodman, a federal magistrate judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The warrant authorized agents to search for computers and electronics, but, Edwards added, agents barely looked at any electronics and did not seize any of the electronics in the house. Edwards' boyfriend reportedly fixes old computers.

"After about 2 hours of pure hell, a female agent asked if there were any laptops in the house," Edwards wrote at YouTube. "They left us thinking that they were here for child pornography but the more I thin (sic) about it, I don't think they would have come in full force, shields, helicopter, etc. for kiddie porn."

Edwards said she has approached the ACLU, the DHS and the White House regarding the raid. So far, the so-called "mainstream media" has remained silent about the raid, but it has been covered by a number of conservative and libertarian-leaning sites. Infowars, one of the sites covering the raid, said that while details of the incident remain unconfirmed, the "story will heighten concerns that the DHS is turning into a 'standing army' emblematic of a militarized police state."

The video posted by Edwards can be seen above.

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