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Florida woman killed while sleeping in bed when car crashes through the wall

A Florida woman was sleeping in bed when she was killed by car that crashed through her bedroom wall.
A Florida woman was sleeping in bed when she was killed by car that crashed through her bedroom wall.
Fox News/ YouTube screen shot

A woman was sound asleep in her bed when a car crashed through her wall, killing her in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The driver of the car was trying to get away from police when she rammed into this central Florida home, according to NBC News on April 19.

The 64-year-old woman was a well-known community leader in the Sarasota area. The car came through the wall hitting Eleanor Ball in her bed and killing her on the scene. The car was driven by 24-year-old Jakeilah Weeks’ who seemed to have spiraled out of control after having a domestic altercation with her boyfriend.

Reports say that Week’s broke into her boyfriend’s house and police were responding to a burglary call, finding Week’s at the house. When police started questioning her she took off in her car. Police started chasing her on foot so they could get a visual on the way she was headed. She didn’t get far when she crashed into Ball’s house on Maple Avenue and police still had her in sight when she did this.

The car went in through the side wall of Ball’s house and was almost completely inside the woman’s room. Very little of the car protruded from the gaping hole that her car left in the house. Weeks’ was taken to the hospital, released and arrested.

According to FCN News, she is facing many charges today stemming from both incidents, starting with breaking into her boyfriend’s home. Then she's facing charges of killing a woman with her car after smashing through her home. She is facing vehicular homicide in Ball’s death. Weeks, who is a slew of trouble, is currently in jail after her early Saturday morning caper that turned deadly.

Ball worked at Sarasota Memorial Hospital for 31 years as a nutritionist, before retiring in 2005. Her retirement didn’t slow her down when it came to people’s health. She volunteered as a site facilitator for the Truvine Teen Clinic. She continued on with her work making people aware of their heath through nutrition.

Eleanor Ball put a lifetime of work into her community. She served on the Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society and volunteered for the Relay for Life. She was also a board member of Gulf Coast South Area Health Education Center. Along with the many other charities she volunteered for, Eleanor chaired the African American Health Summit for four years, and was Director of Church Ministries at Truvine Missionary Baptist Church.

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