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Florida woman has camera stolen and will have to buy it from pawn shop

Florida woman must pay pawn shop to get her stolen camera back
Florida woman must pay pawn shop to get her stolen camera back

A woman in Florida was sad after learning her Nikon camera was stolen from her vehicle. Amanda Selby, a mother to be, had the camera in her ready-for-delivery bag to capture her child just after birth. Local detectives found it had been sold to a pawn shop. However, in a twist of events that could make for a great movie scene, she was told that she would need to buy her camera in order to get it back.

According to WSB Atlanta 2 News, the pawn shop, Gold and Gadgets in Deltona, even turned over “all the evidence” they captured to detectives regarding the identity of the man who “allegedly stole camera.” But the store said the only way they would release the camera to the owner is if a warrant was served. Selby thought that would be easy, but the state attorney for Volusia County said they would not be going forward with the case. Wonder why?

Although the Sheriff’s Office told reporters they turned the case files over to the State Attorney’s office, they said they never received the case. The pawn shop employees admitted there is a case because they handed over enough evidence that could have prosecuted the alleged thief. Among the evidence was a fingerprint, but the suspect, James Rouse, has yet to be arrested.

It appears the mother will miss capturing her child’s first moments because someone dropped the ball in the investigation. But authorities told her another option for her is to get a court to step in and help her prove she’s the rightful owner. The mother thinks it’s absurd that she needs to buy the camera that was stolen from her. Even though the shop gathered evidence for the Sheriff’s office, Selby thinks it’s “ridiculous.”

The alleged thief, James Rouse, received $190 from the pawn shop for a camera that costs $500. Wonder how long it’ll take for Selby to get a claims court order for her camera to be returned after it was stolen out of her van? Does the pawn shop technically own the item after it became knowledge it was stolen?