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Florida woman devastated as animal control euthanizes her lost cat after one day

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Lisa Storey never did get to say goodbye to her 13-year-old Persian named Sophie, because the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orlando euthanized her cat after only one day at the facility reported the Orlando

Sophie's tragic story began on Feb. 17 when she disappeared from her home; Sophie did not wear a collar nor was she micro chipped. A neighbor found the cat and for two days cared for Sophie. The next day the woman took the cat to the Orange County Animal Shelter.

In the interim, Lisa had been at the Orange County Animal Shelter, photo of Sophie in her hands, and had repeatedly asked if her cat had been turned in, but no one had yet to see Sophie.

The final time Lisa showed up at the shelter on Feb. 20, however she was told her cat had been euthanized.

The Orange County Animal Shelter's rules are to hold all animals brought in as strays for the minimum of three days; giving owners a chance to reclaim their pets. The exception, however is if a veterinarian determines the animal is suffering or is too sick to survive, the pet can then be ordered to be euthanized.

A statement by the Orange County Animal Shelter stated Sophie was "lethargic and extremely emaciated" and due to her poor health was humanely euthanized.

Lisa, however stated her cat, a senior suffered from a thyroid issue which precluded the cat from gaining weight, however the cat was deemed healthy by her own veterinarian.

"I feel like they didn't even give her a chance," stated Lisa about Sophie's tragic death.

Cats are notorious for being escape artists, but micro chipping a cat may very well save her life one day.

Rest in peace Sophie.

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