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Florida woman arrested for performing c-section on dog without anesthesia

Hauser, accused of performing illegal surgery on dog
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According to Tuesday's Bay 9 News, a Tampa, Fla., woman has been arrested for allegedly performing a c-section on a dog without the use of anesthesia.

The dog which 31-year-old Candace Patricia Hauser allegedly operated on died not long after the illegal surgery.

According to investigators, the dog, described as a mastiff, belonged to Brenda Hines. Hines brought the dog to Hauser on March 4 because the woman had indicated that she could help with the delivery of the puppies.

Hauser is accused of performing a c-section on the dog, who was named "Nadia," because the dog appeared to be having problems delivering her puppies; the procedure was done without the administration of anesthesia.

Hauser is also accused of using glue to seal the dog's incision following the rudimentary c-section.

Approximately 12 hours after the procedure, the dog's owner finally took Nadia to an area veterinary clinic because she thought that the dog was dying; according to the veterinarian, the dog was already dead.

The incident was brought to the attention of the authorities by the veterinary hospital.

Ron Spiller, spokesman for Hillsborough County Animal Safety and Enforcement, told Bay 9 News:

“This case is one that makes your skin crawl.”

“To cut a dog open with no anesthesia. Oh my gosh. I have a 30-year law enforcement career and the circumstances in this case makes my skin crawl.”

Hauser is facing felony animal cruelty charges.

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