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Florida wing nuts demonstrate their love of guns

Mitch McConnell shows off the gun he doesn't claim is his
Mitch McConnell shows off the gun he doesn't claim is his
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Despite the strong protests of parent groups, school boards and the statewide teacher’s union, teachers will now be able to maintain classroom decorum.

They will soon, with a little training, be able to carry guns on Florida school campuses.

I can see the ramifications now…..

“Johnny, wake up back there! Find the coefficient of variation of 5, 10, 15, 20, and don’t take too long, Mrs. Dinklemeyer is going through changes and packing some serious heat!”

That's what a new proposal in Tallahassee would allow. It would let school administrators designate a teacher to carry a gun around school.

Being kept in detention after school would be preferable to getting accidentally ‘winged’ on the foot with a warning shot from a PO’d teacher.

Not get too worried, we’re not talking about AK-47’s here, just a simple Glock or even a Saturday night special which would even the playing field.

Rep. Dennis Baxley from Ocala said, "We've absolutely made students a target, we didn't plan on it that way, but that's the way it's turned out. We’ve already targeted gays, women, black people, the elderly and the infirm. There’s not many people left to pick on.”

Baxley is the legislator that voted to ensure that George W. Bush would be declared winner of the presidential election in Florida while votes were still being recounted, led the crusade to stop a judge from ordering removal of a feeding tube for Terri Schiavo, tried to suppress voter turnout that hurt minorities and young people and sponsored the "stand your ground" law. Just what we need around here is another ‘out of the mainstream’ religious zealot on the far right with some power in the Legislature.

His hope is that arming a teacher could prevent a tragedy like Sandy Hook from happening in Florida. "We have a lot of people; National Guard men and women, people that are in school administration and school instruction that are perfectly equipped if we can empower them" Said Baxley.

The selected gun carrier would have to meet training requirements. The candidates would be former members of the military, police force, or anyone with a concealed weapons permit.

Let me repeat that last part… ‘Anyone with a concealed weapons permit’, which is anyone with the ability to fill out a form.

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