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Florida sorority chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi has risque photo go viral

Did they really not think it would go viral?
Did they really not think it would go viral?

The Alpha Omicron Pi (AOPi) chapter at the University of Florida is in some hot water after a rather risque photo made its way out of their house and onto the Internet. reported on Sept. 2, 2014, that the uncensored version of the picture has been making the social media rounds and it features five of the sisters flashing the camera.

The AOPi nude photo has been all over Twitter and on Facebook as well. One particular Facebook post read, “And with this, the seniors say goodbye to recruitment forever.” It was originally tweeted by a Twitter account called Old Row, which has since been suspended.

Old Row posts Snapchat images submitted by anonymous users after they capture the images from the app where pics are supposed to be gone after a few seconds. The photo was posted on Twitter with the simple caption of "Go Gata."

The Snapchat caption said actually said, "UF AOPI" on it.

As of now, WUFT reports that the University of Florida is aware of the situation and looking into it and how it should be handled. Jack Causseaux, UF director of sorority and fraternity affairs, said that they are working with the Florida chapter to figure out more on what happened.

The Florida Greek Standards Policy has no mention that there will be some type of penalty for any nudity or indecent exposure.

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