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Florida shooting trial: Jury still out in loud music murder trial after 3rd day

After a third day, the jury is still out in the Florida shooting trial.
After a third day, the jury is still out in the Florida shooting trial.
Reuters - Bob Mack

After a third day of deliberations in the Florida shooting trial of a young teenager, the jury is still out. Web Pro News reported on Feb. 14, 2014, that the jury has still not decided the fat of 49-year-old Michael Dunn, a Florida mad accused of murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis over loud music being played from his car.

The argument that led to the death of Davis was over rap music blaring from his car while at a gas station.

"They're working hard, trying to make a just decision," Ron Davis, Jordan's father, told local a TV station, First Coast News WJXX. "And no matter what, some family is going to smile and some family if going to cry."

Dunn was at a Jacksonville gas station back in 2012 when he first came into contact with Jordan Davis and the youth's friends. Dunn was going to pick up a bottle of wine and some potato chips, but things didn't go as planned.

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As Dunn's fiance entered the gas station, he ended up getting into an argument with Davis over the loud rap music blaring from their vehicle. A heated exchange went down and Dunn believes that someone in the vehicle pointed a shotgun at him.

Michael Dunn ended up firing 10 times and when police arrived, there was no other gun found. Dunn had already left the scene and didn't call police. It was assumed that he was trying to escape any wrongdoing.

The jury consists of eight white people, two African-Americans, one Asian, and one Hispanic. Through three days, the jury has deliberated for over 12 hours.

The Florida shooting trial is yet another that is drawing national attention due to the racial issues - Dunn being white and Davis being black - as well as the "stand your ground" law.

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