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Florida Shelters Lend A Helping Paw

Jacksonville Pets Heading South
Jacksonville Humane

With the cold hitting record lows all over the country, even animal shelters in Florida are affected.

Jacksonville Humane Society is a shelter with no heat... no place for man's best friends. Flagler Humane Society is helping out its counterpart!

20 dogs were loaded into a van and brought from the Humane Society in Jacksonville this afternoon... The Jacksonville kennels don't have heat and they will be warm and well cared for in Flagler's Palm Coast facility.. By the way all these sweethearts are adoptable!

If you have extra blankets or towels, this is a great time to donate them to your local shelters and rescues wherever you live.

It's going to be pretty cold for a while, and the animals will much appreciate the added comfort.

Even better, if you could foster a shelter animal in your own home, the love you'll get back will keep you warmer at night.

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