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Florida shelter euthanizes 16 dogs during parvo outbreak

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Parvo, the contagious and deadly virus that is especially lethal to puppies, broke out at Lake County Animal Services on Tuesday, and so far 16 dogs have been euthanized, according to an article posted today on the Orlando Sentinel website. The shelter has stopped all dog and cat adoptions and has closed to be thoroughly sanitized.

The shelter has also closed it's night-drop kennels and has stopped taking in any animals.

A press release issued today by the Lake County Animal Services states that they have notified local veterinarians about the outbreak, and has also reached out to everyone who adopted a dog in the past two weeks and advised them to watch for symptoms of the deadly disease. If their dog does show symptoms, they are asked to bring them to the shelter to be treated.

According to the Orlando Sentinel article, the shelter explained the outbreak as being caused by dogs that were already infected but not showing signs of the disease when they were admitted to the shelter. The shelter stressed that all dogs and puppies are vaccinated against Parvo as soon as they come into the shelter, but that it takes a few days to build immunity.

As of yesterday, several dogs had come down with Parvo, but today there have been no new cases.

The shelter has not set a date for reopening. They are following guidelines recommended by the ASPCA for cleaning a shelter after a Parvo outbreak.

Parvo causes dogs to become lethargic, and have diarrhea and vomiting. Without supportive care, they can die. Puppies and young dogs are usually hardest hit by Parvo. You can protect your dogs from with a simple and inexpensive vaccine. Parvo is a horrible way for a puppy or dog to die. Please make sure your dogs and puppies are vaccinated against Parvo.