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Florida Satanist or man desperate for attention? Demands Satan prayer at meeting

Is this a Florida Satanist or just a man desperate for attention?
Is this a Florida Satanist or just a man desperate for attention?
YouTube screen shot/ CoopNews

Is Chaz Stevens a Florida Satanist or someone who is in dire need of attention? While citing the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing prayer before the opening of a government meeting, Stevens says he wants “equal-billing” with a satanic prayer recited for the Deerfield Beach Council meeting, according to Raw Story on May 9.

His request went over like a lead balloon, but he knew the type of response he would get because this isn’t the first time he's demonstrated this seemingly attention-seeking behavior. Although he keeps pushing his ridicules requests to the limit, he doesn’t have an original bone in his body.

In December he took the Festivus tree right out of a Seinfeld episode and demanded he had the right erect a pole with beer cans dangling from it next to the Deerfield Beach nativity manger. He forced the governor’s hand and the pole with empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans swayed in the breeze.

NPR News calls him a “Rabble-Rouser,” which seems rather kind considering all the time and energy he is taking up with his different foolish requests. Maybe if all the media just ignored the guy, which would cut off what he is after, he may go away.

Now he recently converted to worshiping Satan and wants a prayer said for the evil entity that he worships. His outlook on Satan is equally as ridiculous as his request. Stevens said:

“Think of all the people he’s in charge of,” Stevens said. “Do you want to be stuck listening to harp music in the afterlife? Hell no. I want to drink beer and hang with hookers.”

Stevens basically admitted he is doing this just to stir things up by saying that people worship Jesus who is “make-believe,” so why not the devil, who is also “make-believe."

Stevens made his request for this satanic prayer via a letter sent to the Deerfield Beach Association. It appears he is attempting to get some more attention after his Festivus tree episode quieted down now that the holidays are gone.

He said he told the New York Times that he just converted to “Pabstfestidian” because “Satan is a cool dude.” It appears Satan wasn't even on his radar until recently. He appears more invested in getting his name in the media than he is having a prayer said for the “make believe” Satan.

So far the status of Stevens’ request in unknown as the city’s attorney has offered no comment on where it stands. Wouldn’t it be nice if this guy got a hobby doing something constructive for this attention he blatantly appears to be seeking?

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