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Florida's only season is fishing season

Pier Fishing In Jacksonville Beach, FL
Pier Fishing In Jacksonville Beach, FL
Lisa Schultz

Fishing in Florida is just one of the many activities that makes Florida a great place to visit and live. Fishing for fun and relaxation falls between commercial and competitive fishing.

There are some great fishing tournaments in Florida. One of these is the Kingfish Tournament, which is held every July since 1980 for six days in Jacksonville. In this contest, fisherman come from all over to see who can catch the largest King mackerel.

If you are not into competition fishing there are other ways to enjoy your love for fishing. These include fresh water from a lake, river, and a bridge or you can do deep sea, from a pier, bridge, shore fishing, boat or charter.

Florida encourages everyone to enjoy recreational fishing either by yourself or with friends and family. It is a great way to relax and reconnect with nature. Not to mention that recreational fishing is also low-cost. Usually you only need a fishing pole, some hooks, and bait.

For those individuals that are not familiar with the laws regarding fishing in Florida may easily obtain this information by visiting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Remember that when you purchase a fishing license you are helping to protect, preserve, and enhance the sport of fishing for generations to come.

If shore fishing is to tame for you than deep sea fishing is a great alternative. Are you looking for an outfitter or guide? The FFWC has a list of guides and outfitters for the area you are visiting in Florida as well as some basic guidelines to follow when choosing the right one.

For those would be fishermen or women who would like to go fishing, but not sure where to start. There are schools or seminars held all over Florida that are geared towards helping you learn the art of fishing. Children are the future protectors of our resources, because of this the FWC wants to provide opportunities, skills and resources to help parents and guardians to take a child fishing.

Fishing should be fun and relaxing. The best way to ensure that everyone has a good time is by having the proper equipment, keep an eye on the weather, be eco-friendly by cleaning up after yourself and follow the rules of the water.

Remember that no matter what type of fishing you decide to do while in Florida, have fun and relax, but remember that safety is always paramount.


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