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Florida's Medical Marijuana Backer Speaks Up

Florida's Medical Marijuana Backer Speaks Up
Florida's Medical Marijuana Backer Speaks Up

Accusations came out this week that Attorney John Morgan has been pushing the medical marijuana issue in Florida just to get the youth vote for employee Charlie Crist who is running for Governor. John Morgan speaking in Tampa yesterday replied to critics that if he was helping Crist to get elected that he would have just given the 4 million that has been spent on the medical marijuana reform over to Crist.

You see, Republican Senate President Don Gaetz spoke out this week that all this might just be a political push by the democrats to get Crist elected and Morgan is using this as a platform. Problem is both men have reasons for wanting this reform to pass. Though Gaetz is not favoring the Morgan plan. He thinks to many will be able to get their hands on the marijuana and that it might not go to the people who really need it.

Back in 1984, Gaetz had a hand in procuring some pot for a minister friend of his who was dying of cancer. It helped the man eat and keep his food down. On the other side, you have John Morgan whose father died of cancer and was able to smoke marijuana to ease the pain. Both have good intentions and hopefully both sides can keep this to what is important.

Governor Rick Scott has already come out against the legalization of medical marijuana, as Charlie Crist is in favor of it. So no matter what anyone can say the battle lines have been drawn. It is now a Democrat v. Republican matter as to who can get something done for those who need this herb to help with so many different diseases.

John Morgan is confident that the ballot initiative will succeed and that many will come out and vote yes. There comes a time in one's life when you have to put your politics, your prejudices, and your disagreements aside and acknowledge that what you are doing is for the common good. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to