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Florida's bill to reduce red light cameras to be discussed tomorrow

The Florida House of Representatives Transportation & Highway Subcommittee will hear a proposal to reduce the use of red light cameras in Florida. Florida House bill number PCB THSS 14-01 will be heard by the transportation subcommittee on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. at Sumner Hall (404 HOB). Former Florida Highway Patrol officer Paul Henry and lobbyist John Hallman are expected to speak on the bill.

The bill would prevent local governments (cities and counties) from adding new camera installations after July, 2014 however does not prohibit the State of Florida from installing and operating red light cameras. It also would limit the maximum amount of costs to violators to $108. It would also have the effect to eliminate any revenue sharing to local governments, however does allow for the ability for the public to vote for or against a $25 local surcharge.

Libertarians and other freedom-minded Floridians have been against the installation and use of red light cameras since their inception a few years ago after reviewing multiple studies verifying the cameras make intersections less safe. For example it was found in Hallandale Beach, Florida the use of red light cameras increased the number of crashes at those intersections. The University of South Florida conducted an exhaustive study on the effectiveness of red light cameras and concluded they made the affected intersections less safe.

Libertarians also suggest the cameras violate the U.S. Constitution. The Libertarian Party of Florida as well as locally, the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County have officially come out against the use of red light cameras.

Below is a list of the 2014 Florida House Transportation Committee members should the public wish to extend their opinion on the issue:

Daniel Davis, Chair
Assistant: Michelle Fowler
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5015
District office: 904-381-6011

Lake Ray, Vice-chair
Assistant: Mark Lloyd
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5012
District office: 904-723-5300

Irving Slosberg
Assistant: Krista Ziehler
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5091
District office: 561-496-5940

Frank Artiles
Assistant: Raena Wright
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5118
District office: 305-252-4300

Heather Fitzenhagen
Assistant: Edward Metzger
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5078
District office: 239-533-2440

Ed Hooper
Assistant: Jenna Simonetti
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5067
District office: 727-724-3000

Jeanette Nunez
Assistant: Daniel Arbucias
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5119
District office: 305-227-7630

Keith Perry
Assistant: Sharon Nehring
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5021
District office: 352-313-6544

Bobby Powell
Assistant: Tradrick McCoy
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5088
District office: 561-650-6880

Jake Raburn
Assistant: Taylor Ferguson
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5057
District office: 813-653-7097

Holly Raschein
Assistant: Erin Muir
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5120
District office: 305-453-1202 or 305-242-2485

Hazel Rogers
Assistant: Patricia Amiel-Young
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5095
District office: 954-497-3367

Linda Stewart
Assistant: Matt Alford
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5047
District office: 407-893-3141

Barbara Watson
Assistant: Shelia Robinson
Tallahassee office: 850-717-5107
District office: 305-654-7100

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