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Florida's Amendment 2 Coming This Fall

Florida's Amendment 2 Coming This Fall
Florida's Amendment 2 Coming This Fall
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In the upcoming fall election the voters will take to the polls to decide whether to allow medical marijuana to become legal in the State of Florida. This would allow people with debilitating diseases the opportunity to use marijuana to help ease their symptoms and pain. Now they would need a Doctor's release to be able to do so. There will be medical marijuana treatment centers to be established. This would allow the centers to grow harvest and distribute marijuana to those with Doctors prescriptions. It will also be in conflict with Federal laws concerning marijuana.

This is also going to come into conflict with how companies address the use of someone smoking or ingesting the drug while on company time and or even at all. Some companies may not hire a person because of their use of the drug.

The legislature of Florida has just passed what is called a version of medical marijuana named Charlotte's Web. This form has little or no THC content so the user won't be getting high but they will be able to use the CBD form of the drug to help with epileptic seizures and such. It will not help with any form of pain. Governor Rick Scott has said he will sign the bill into law.

Amendment 2 will allow for THC content which will help those with chronic pain. Attorney John Morgan out of Orlando was key in getting this amendment onto the ballot. His father suffered from cancer and used marijuana to help with nausea and pain especially after chemotherapy treatments. Many others including those in the Florida Legislature came out with their tales of helping friends acquire marijuana for the same symptoms.

Patients within the State of Florida who are able to work and may use the amendment 2 form of medical marijuana will have protection. Florida has the Florida Civil Rights Act that may force employers to allow their employees who must use medical marijuana to continue to work.

Either way it is going to make this one of the most interesting elections in years. People have come out in polls and have said that some 88% of them feel that Amendment 2 should be passed into law. So it seems Florida will become another state in the union who feels the time has come to changed the way we should look at marijuana in general. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to