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Florida road rage driver arrested; ‘Redneck Rage’ is ‘Instant Karma’ viral video

The Florida road rage driver who freaked out on a driver in Tampa, Florida has been arrested. While viewers probably don’t know anyone’s name, the “Redneck Roadrage/Instant Karma,” viral YouTube video has been seen by people around the world. People watch in horror as the driver gets aggressive and seems very angry. Somehow he doesn’t see a median in his rage and loses control of his truck. According to Mediaite on Sunday he has been charged with reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident and not wearing a seat belt.

While no charges were filed on the woman who videotaped the driver who seemed to be out of control, it is still very bizarre and impossible to know if she did something to set off the road rage incident. Apparently the cops don’t think she did and that means she won’t be facing any charges. Listening to the woman laugh as she saw the other driver flipping over, is slightly disturbing, but understandable to those who face aggressive drivers daily.

"Florida Driver" who uploaded the video, now has close to 8 million views, and "trolls" leaving hateful remarks have forced her to turn off the comments section under the video. Feeling that her life is at risk because of media reports divulging her name and location; the driver filming this incident is just waiting for when "can get back to being little old me."

Declining to give her name, the victim of this incident says she feels bad for laughing at the man who messed up his truck getting so upset and she is an anti-pop culture type of person. While it was instant karma, she probably wasn’t expecting immediate payback on someone being so rude to her on the way to work. Then again, she has brightened the day of millions of people who have faced road rage over the years and didn’t get to see an immediate response.

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