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Florida rescue group shocked by condition of returned shelter puppy: UPDATE

UPDATE: Peanuts did not survive. A Facebook announcement earlier stated:

Florida rescue group shocked by egregious condition of returned shelter puppy-slide0
Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue
Peanuts is in critical condition. He was the picture of health just a few months ago.
Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue

We lost him today after a hard fight to keep him with us. His abusers will NOT go unpunished, Peanut's name will live on. Run free at the rainbow bridge sweet boy."

Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue, a South Florida rescue organization, had stepped in months ago to rescue Luna from the Broward County Animal Care and Control. The beautiful bully breed pooch had been the victim of a cruelty case, but in her foster home Luna had been the perfect house guest along with her two puppies.

When everyone was healthy and sound, the puppies were returned to the Broward County Animal Care and Control where they were quickly adopted. Luna remained with Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue and was recently adopted by the perfect couple - Ryan and Danielle. And so, the volunteers and animal lovers alike all thought the three dogs would live happily ever after.

Sadly, that was not to be. Peanuts, one of Luna's puppies, was returned on Saturday to the Broward County Animal Care and Control. There are no words to describe the physical condition this little one has had to endure in his very short life. Allegedly his owners returned him to the shelter stating he tried to run away.

The photos of Peanut are shocking. It appears as if he has demodectic mange. The organization's Facebook page reported on Sunday the puppy's condition:

"Peanut is currently on IV fluids and heavy meds. He will not eat and is very weak. They are monitoring his red blood cell and hemoglobin count as they are dangerously low. He may need a transfusion if he does not respond to medications. We will update everyone as we know more. His backbone breaks our heart in this picture."

Broward County Animal Care and Control will be pursuing animal cruelty charges. At this point however, everyone is hoping that Peanut survives. A Monday afternoon update stated:

"We just received a Peanut update, he is extremely weak, his sodium is high and blood cell counts are low. They are working to dicover the source of the extreme anemia. His skin is in such poor condition he is losing blood and fluids constantly. We are working now to get him stable and have not even begun to address his skin. They have added a second antibiotic based on how bad the pus on the skin has become. He is looking at an extended stay."

The organization is asking for the public's help for the hospitalization and care of Peanut. Please click here if you would like to donate.

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