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Florida Rapper YS Releases New Single "24k or Die"

YS Artwork for 24k or Die
YS Artwork for 24k or Die

Orlando based rapper, YS, has been steadily making a name for himself in the hip hop world based on a steady release of good music online. YS has released numerous songs and videos to hip hop websites and blogs, and utilized social media outlets such as twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to help develop his fan base and his buzz.

Now YS delivers a new hot single title, 24k or Die, as a free stream online to listen to and available to purchase via Itunes.

"24k or Die," has one of those classic hip hop vibes too it, but the beat is anything but old school or dated. The production is top notch, the crunch in the beat hits great. If more underground producers took the time in their production there wouldn't be so much bad, generic sounding tracks bouncing around the internet. The drums seems to spark as the snare hits, and the melodies are mixed in great. Production for the track was provided by @JRivers25

YS does his thing with the vocals as he brings a 'southern-esque' type of flow that really fits the beat nicely. The lyrics aren't super deep on some Nas over your head stuff, they stick in the zone and just let the listening vibe and bop their head. YS isn't a super lyricist at all, and it isn't needed in today's rap game but it would be nice if he stepped it up a little. He seems to be a little to close to a Gucci Mayne and he needs to focus on getting closer to a TI.

Overall the track is a pure certified banger, and a great single to ride out too. Actually, I am heading out now, windows down, stereo all the way up, listening to 24k or Die by YS!



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