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Florida puppy surrendered with photo that renders him nearly unadoptable


One photo is all that a potential adopter has to judge a 9-month-old black Labrador retriever puppy named "Tank."

No personality information - simply a photo.

Unfortunately for Tank, he is wearing a decidedly unflattering muzzle in the photo. A muzzle which is fraught with implications.

Implications such as, Tank is unruly or worse, Tank is aggressive.

But Tank, who is at the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility in Florida, is likely none of those things, or he would not be on the animal service's 'adoptable' website.

Typically, dogs who are fearful, or who display outright signs of aggression, are deemed 'rescue only' instead of being placed on the website as available for adoption.

Tank is up for adoption, but nobody took a flattering photo of him. You can see the worry and concern in his expressive eyes. Undoubtedly, he wonders how he wound up in this facility, away from everything that was familiar.

Please help Tank find his way out of this facility, and into a loving home. The odds are not in his favor as it stands right now.


  • Breed - Labrador retriever
  • Age - Young (9 months)
  • Size - Large
  • Shelter: Miami-Dade Animal Services (link to website here)
  • Adopt-A-Pet profile here.
  • Facebook thread here.

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