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Florida Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation

Florida Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation
Florida Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation
Florida Medical Marijuana

Friday being the last day of the state legislative session marked a major step in legalization of marijuana. The house and senate both passed the medical marijuana bill that will allow a form of marijuana known as Charlotte's Web to be grown and dispensed in the State of Florida. This form of marijuana will be allowed to have a .8 of THC and is not grown to be inhaled. It will be grown for the CBD of the plant that will be manufactured to make an oil that can be used in the treatments of cancer victims and epileptic children.

For many in the legislature this was a hard decision to come to. For instance, Senate President Don Gaetz disclosed that back in the 1980's he helped procure some marijuana to give a friend who was dying of cancer and couldn't keep any food down. The marijuana helped his friend eat and not become instantly sick. He was receiving chemotherapy and the marijuana helped build up his system.

Many came forward with similar stories and told the committees about what they were going through and how marijuana has helped them to achieve at least a somewhat better life. For the children, it decreases the number of seizures they have and though it doesn't stop all of them marijuana does help the children to function with their disease better.

Bill sponsor Sen. Rob Bradley even came out and said that he would have been the last person to want to legalize marijuana but after hearing from so many families of their heart breaking stories and how marijuana does help at least control the situation it gives them a chance at a better way of life.

Gov. Rick Scott has already said that when the final bill lands on his desk he will sign it into law. Thus bringing medical marijuana to stores and doctors who have been treating patients with no results. Now they can use medical marijuana as a treatment of last resort.

Coming up in November, Florida residents will also be able to vote on a form of medical marijuana that will have a higher THC content that will be used to fight pain in some patients. It's a big step for Florida and it will be interesting to see what happens in the months ahead. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to