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Florida Organic Aquaculture will generate 512 new jobs

Many new jobs are coming to Florida. Florida Organic Aquaculture, LLC held a grand opening celebration of their production and research facility in Fellsmere. It is the largest closed-water, shrimp production operation in the nation and will generate 512 direct and indirect jobs and $22 million in capital investment, according to a May 7 statement by the Office of Governor Rick Scott.

This new facility includes 4.13 acres. It is a place where shrimp are grown in an environmentally safe system without the use of chemicals, according to the release by the Office of Governor Rick Scott.
Since taking office, Scott has made creating jobs a priority of his administration. He and other Republican government leaders have sought to reduce business regulations and provide tax breaks to companies that locate or expand their operation in Florida. People have criticized this effort. Some have said that the jobs created are low paying or that too many tax breaks are being given to big corporations.

“I don’t think it is right that large companies get the breaks that they do. They have plenty of money as it is,” said Marcel Gold.

“Anything that brings more jobs is good for Florida. We need to make sure the unemployment rate stays low,” said Angela Linwood.

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