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Florida motorist photographs unusual weather phenomenon over I-75

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A Florida motorist captured a strange weather phenomenon on camera this week as storm clouds parted above a busy highway he was driving on. The witness snapped a few photos from his cell phone and sent them to local weather experts. The images were published by GrindTV yesterday.

Joe Zuniga, a recording artist from Brandon, Florida, was driving on Interstate 75 near the Westfield Brandon Mall when he noticed an unusual weather phenomena. Storm clouds parted over the highway leaving a large square-shaped sunny area in the Brandon area last Tuesday.

“They looked almost like something spiritual coming through the storm, and the Lord has got your back,” Zuniga said to the Weather Channel.

Zuniga wondered if the event was supernatural calling it spiritual and thought that the rain clouds appeared to part over the highway for a reason. He said he would never forget that moment.

“I was driving alone speaking with my sister Cris Zuniga. It was her birthday. I told her I had to call back. I had to take a picture,” Zuniga said on his Facebook page.

Zuniga posted the image on his Facebook page on July 15 and the image went viral.

“It’s an awesome and humbling feeling knowing that my photo has touched so many people!” Zuniga told Tampa Bay's Fox news affiliate.

“The phenomenon was the result of two rain curtains that “just happened to have their edges lined up with the shoulders of I-75, and Zuniga was in the right place at the right time to capture it,” a meteorologist from the Weather Channel said.

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There seems to be a lot of strange weather phenomena happening in Florida. Just last summer, a man was walking along a Florida beach and spotted something strange in the sky. An odd black line formed in the sky and seemed to emit down from a cloud into the ocean. The confused witness took a few photographs from his cell phone and sent them to local weather experts.

Clearwater resident Mike Weight was at the Honeymoon Island State Park and noticed an odd black line form in the sky. Initially the 73-year-old thought it was a water spout but then he realized that there wasn't a funnel cloud.

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