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Florida mom brands kids to mark them as hers, promises them ice cream

This mother branded her children to know they are hers.
NY Daily News

A Florida woman has been arrested after she branded both of her young daughters so that she would be able to identify them. The NY Daily News reported on June 19, 2014, that 23-year-old Kayla Oxenham lit a stick on fire and branded her 5- and 7-year-old daughters for better identification purposes.

The girls told police that their mom actually promised them ice cream after it was all over. One of the girls even said that during the burning, their mother said she "forgot how much she loved fired."

Oxenham apparently used a lighter to burn a stick and then placed it on the arms of the little girls. The main purpose for the branding is so that she would be able to simply identify her children as hers.

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Upon being checked out by medical personnel after Oxenham's arrest, the little girls did show signs of the burns on their arms. One of her daughters showed distinct injuries that were indicative of a burning to the upper part of one of her arms.

The injuries weren't very obvious due to the burning incident happening back in March. Staff at the children's daycare noticed scabs on the girls' arms and called the police.

Kayla Oxenham, a medical assistant, is facing child abuse and child neglect charges and also facing allegations of grabbing one of her children by the hair and then hitting her.

Another incident being looked at is one of the girls saying their mother slammed one of their heads into a wall for accidentally locking their cat in a bathroom.

Once arrested, the police tried to get more information regarding the burns on the arms of the girls, but Oxenham refused to speak to police about the situation. She has since bonded out of jail and has a future court date set.

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