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Florida Medical Marijuana Gains Political Strength

Florida Medical Marijuana Gains Political Strength
Florida Medical Marijuana Gains Political Strength

Republican Florida Senate President Don Gaetz has officially come out and said that he would be in favor of medical marijuana in the state of Florida. His reasons go back to 1984 when a friend of his E. Ronal Mudd a Methodist Chaplain was dying of cancer. He and Gaetz talked about what they had heard about marijuana helping cancer patients. You see Mudd couldn't keep any food down. Mudd asked his friend to get him some marijuana and it did help. His friend was able to eat and though he lost his battle with cancer, Gaetz has never forgotten his old friend after all these years.

Attorney John Morgan is spear heading a drive to get medical marijuana to be allowed to be sold in Florida. He first had to fight to get in on the 2014 ballot. While that hurdle has been overcome, here now is a small political problem that may be raising it's head.

Former Governor Charlie Crist is running for Governor again in 2014 against now Governor Rick Scott. Scott has come out against medical marijuana and Crist is for it. Crist works in the Morgan and Morgan Law firm. Gaetz has made some comments as to whether this may be a ploy to get Crist elected to office.

Here's one problem with that way of thinking, John Morgan has been working on this medical marijuana program longer than Charlie Crist has talked about wanting to be Governor again.

Now let's talk. John Morgan's father was ill with cancer and he did smoke marijuana to ease the pain. I would hate for this to turn into some mud slinging contest when everyone has suffered similarly with this problem.

I think these men have an idea that there is much at stake here and that truthfully politics have no place here.

Here's why, in 1979 my mother died of terminal cancer. I was 17 years old and after coming home from the Friday night football games I would have to clean up my mother because of the vomiting from her chemotherapy. There are countless human beings with similar stories and for many medical marijuana would give them a more honorable way to die. If marijuana can help with nausea or pain then we as human beings need to pass this measure on the 2014 ballot. I have never forgotten those days as I am sure neither have John Morgan with his father and Don Gaetz with his friend. Gentlemen, what you are doing is a good thing. Senator Gaetz please don't mud sling when you are honoring your friend. A hot topic and we know more is yet to come. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to