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Florida Matrix look-alikes head to Pennsylvania

Deborah Smith Ford as the MATRIX character Trinity
Deborah Smith Ford as the MATRIX character Trinity
Israel David Groveman, used with permission

Three Florida MATRIX look-alikes, Ryan Bageard (as Neo), Keith Wallace (as Morpheus) and Deborah Smith Ford (as Trinity), will appear as the sci-fi MATRIX film team for two charity events in the Philadelphia/Pittsburgh areas in Pennsylvania tonight, April 25, from 8:00 p.m. – midnight. The trio of Floridians will “meet and greet” attendees as their Matrix characters and be available for photo ops.

Bageard (Neo) resides in Tampa, Wallace (Morpheus) is out of Naples, and Ford (Trinity) lives in Fort Myers. Ford brought the team together after having worked with both Bageard and Wallace independently. Ford and Bageard showed their Matrix characters off at DragonCon, a huge sci-fi convention in Atlanta. Wallace and Ford are both actors involved with the United Film & Television Artists (UFTA) and have been actively part of two film projects.

Ford portrays several other characters, including Queen of Narnia and Kate Jackson from TV's "Charlie's Angels." And Wallace is a look-alike and tribute artist for several celebrities including LL Cool J and Randy Jackson.

Ford also writes for Examiner. She keeps her readers updated with Celebrity Lookalikes, Sci-Fi Entertainment, Acting, Fort Myers Entertainment, and other columns.