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Florida man uses marijuana as alternative fuel promoting 'marithanol'

With marijuana legalization pending on this year's Florida ballot, many Floridians are rejoicing in the fact that a plant once illegal is about to become legal for medicinal, recreational, and commercial purposes. While many are looking at medicine and recreation, there is another side to the marijuana story that is lurking in the shadows of discussion; commercial use under the name "Marithanol".

Video: Florida man uses marijuana as alternative fuel source

Dade City resident, "Dade City Rasta" is a well-known public figure in the community and local hero. He helps the community in many ways by bringing a positive message to the masses and always smiling. He believes in an alternative lifestyle; one of happiness, helping others, and being a true member of a community. Everyone knows him, the community embraces him, and he is a true gem to the small interior Floridian town.

By living the Rastafarian lifestyle, he believes in using green technology whenever possible. That means recycling, thinking outside of the box, and developing new methods into his sustainable lifestyle. Using hemp oil extracted from the marijuana plant by a process involving Brown's gas (hydrogen), this local Florida man has developed a way for his mid-90's Ford Ranger to run partially on hemp oil extract.

When the hemp leaves come into contact with the chemical process that creates Brown's gas, the extra energy is then atomized and injected directly into the intake manifold of his motor thus adding a small yet verifiable amount of energy that directly impacts his fuel economy. While his truck does still use conventional fuel, it is the outside of the box thinking that is something to consider in the Florida marijuana debate.

Consider ethanol fuels, and how those are derived. It comes from processing plant materials into an alcohol, and then running the alcohol as an energy source. Marijuana yields much more plant material per acre than any other crop; thus making it a more ideal source for ethanol. Should Florida legalize marijuana for recreational, medicinal, and commercial uses, it would allow our state's growers to take advantage of Florida's moderate climate and perfect marijuana growing environment to catapult our state to the top of marijuana ethanol sales thus positioning Florida to be a leader of the "Marithanol" market.

How many more jobs would this create? How much more state revenue would be introduced by the sale and supply of marijuana ethanol? The possibilities are endless, and when citizens vote this fall, the consideration of marijuana as an alternative energy source should be something of topic.

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