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Florida man shot for texting in a theater

Is texting to die for? One retired officer thought so.
Is texting to die for? One retired officer thought so.
The Objective Review

A man was shot and killed Monday, January 13, 2014, just before the 1:20 PM showing of 'Lone Survivor' at the Cobb CineBistro. The shooting took place at the Grove 16 complex on Wesley Grove Blvd. in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

Sheriff Chris Nocco stated: 'The victim was on his cell phone; he was texting. We believe he was making some kind of noise. This noise led to an altercation between the suspect and the victim'.

The man who shot the victims was identified as a retired law enforcement officer, Curtis Reeves. The victims were Chad Oulson, and his wife Nicole, who hit by the single shot. Oulson, 43, was hit in the chest and died, while Nicole was hit in the hand when she put her hand up in front of her husband.

Apparently, Chad Olson said he was texting his 3 year old daughter just before being shot to death. As Olsen died, he said 'I cant believe,' before falling over on Charles Cummings, who was there celebrating his birthday. At that time an off-duty deputy inside the theater was able to grab the gun and subdue Reeves until law enforcement arrived.

Reeves was then arrested and charged with second-degree murder. After he was named as the suspect, Tampa police issued a statement saying Reeves had retired back in 1993 as a captain. Reeves was also the former director of security for Busch Gardens as a 2005 Tampa Bay Times article depicts him.

'It's absolutely crazy it would rise to this level over somebody just texting in a movie theater,' Offered Officer Nocco.

In summer 2012, a man killed a dozen people and injured 70 at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Twenty-six-year-old James Holmes is charged in the killings

We have all heard of road rage and texting while driving but, what is the world coming to when a daughter is left fatherless for texting in a movie theater? Most of all, what kind of career did Reeves lead with what appears to be the God complex of whether or not he can be judge, jury and executioner in his retirement? Did he take his authority from before to far and were there any excessive force issues? More to come as the story unfolds.

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