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Florida man see Starbucks pay-it-forward as travesty: Puts kibosh on the works

Man deliberately shuts down pay-it-forward line at Starbuckes. Maybe just too many smiles?
Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Another pay-it-forward line at Starbucks drive-thru gave people a chance to do something for a stranger and feel good today on the heels of a very long pay-it-forward venue Thursday. One man squashed that feel-good venue at Starbucks today after hearing about the 10-hour pay-it-forward line the day before, according to ABC News on Aug 22.

Blogger Peter Schorsch drove to the same St. Petersburg, Florida Starbucks and got in line with another pay-it-forward event underway. When it came his turn and he was told that the person ahead of him paid for his order and asked if he would like to do the same, he said “no,” reports Yahoo News today.

“When a barista asks you to pay it forward, it is no longer spontaneous,” said Schorsch. Thursday’s line went for 10 hours until customer 458 refused to pay-it-forward. The woman who shut down the feel-good-deed the day before just left without saying why she put the brakes on the venue. In contrast today, Schorsch was more than happy to have his say on why he said “no.”

He starts out by saying “I’m really not trying to be a Grinch.” Then what was he trying to do? He knew there was another pay-it-forward line going on, so did he see this as his 15 minutes of fame? Did he have a need to save the folks in line from a "cheesy" deed? At one point during his interview he said that it was "cheesy" how folks heard about the pay-it-forward line from yesterday and showed up today to do the same.

If you don't want to pay for the person behind you, then don't, but why get in line to deliberately put an end to this because in your opinion it is a phenomenon that needs to be stopped? If it makes folks happy, why should one person make it their mission to put an end to it?

It is understandable if someone in back of you orders enough coffee to break your bank, then you have to say no, but this guy bragged that he tipped the barista $100. So what was his problem?

He said that “this is turning into a social phenomenon and I just had to put an end to it.” Does this man really think his “no” will end this social phenomenon? He must be a very influential blogger to stop people from a pay-it-forward good deed. Finally, who is this guy to “put an end to this "social phenomenon?” If you really want to be a hero of some sorts, there are plenty of bad "social phenomenons" that need ending.

Schorsch thinks that some folks comply with the barista’s request to pay for the person behind them out of guilt and not generosity. So he not only stopped the little feel-good exercise going on, but while in line he took his time to analyze the reasons people do this.

Although Schorsch can’t prove it, he thinks this has become a marketing ploy for Starbucks. It must be one for Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's and the toll booth on the highway because these are three of the places recently with a pay-it-forward gig going on.

He said some patrons are driving to this particular Starbucks after hearing about the 10-hour pay-it-forward event yesterday. He calls this “cheesy” and “ridiculous,” but yet, he was one of the people who heard about it and got in line at this particular Starbucks today. He is different though, he went there to save the people from themselves and eliminate that little extra smile they might have experienced today.

He then tells the media that he just wrote a short blog about Starbucks yesterday, but in no way was he trying to advertise his blog. “I don’t think my credibility is in question. I’ll let other people decide if I’m credible," said Schorsch. He goes on to say that he has 30 advertisers on his blog. Is that a credential of some type?

It seems as if Schorsch found himself in the center of a controversy recently when allegations were made that he asked for money in return for “good stories,” an allegation which he denied. The folks making this claim are not named, but are referred to as “active in politics.”

Maybe if Mr. Schorsch doesn’t like the pay-it-forward idea he can just write about it. He doesn’t have to actively go look for a pay-it-forward line to get into so now everyone there who wants to be part of a big feel-good event has their chances squashed.

With all the horrendous injustice going on today around the nation and the world, maybe his energy would be better spent trying to stop something that causes others pain instead of getting in line to cut off those smiles! People can speak for themselves, if they don't want to do it, they will say no. If Schorsch didn't want to do it, he could have just said no and then go on his way like the woman who stopped the venue on Thursday did. Instead he got his 15 minutes of fame!

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