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Florida man mistakes dead woman for a mannequin and throws body into a dumpster

The Daily Mail reported a story today about a man who had mistaken a dead body for a mannequin. Ronald Benjamin, 61, a Florida man, worked third shift as a desk clerk at a senior citizen apartment in St. Petersburg, Florida. After taking a smoke break around 4:30 a.m., he came across the corpse of a 96-year-old woman who had jumped to her death from her 16th floor apartment.

A Florida man thought a dead woman was a mannequin and tossed the body into a dumpster.
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Benjamin thought the corpse was a mannequin and part of a gruesome April fool’s prank. He then asked a newspaper delivery person to help him throw the “mannequin” into a dumpster.

Benjamin said he saw blood on the ground, but it looked fake. Several hours later, a maintenance worker found the corpse in the dumpster and called authorities who found a suicide note in the woman’s apartment.

The deceased woman had arrived from England after WWII. Although Benjamin will not be charged with any crimes, he lost his job of nine years. He said the corpse looked as if it had a rubbery face mask, which could have resulted from early stages of rigor mortis before he discovered the body.

Read more about this strange story at the Daily Mail website.

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