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Florida man kills adopted dog because she 'looked at him funny'

Man killed his adopted dog with a pick ax
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A dog in St. James City, Fla., who was adopted from a Florida animal control eight months ago, suffered a cruel death at the hands of her adopter reported Friday's NBC 2 News.

Galen Aune, 30, was being investigated for prior reports of alleged animal abuse against the dog, a pit bull named "Nelly," when animal services learned that she had been killed.

When questioned about the alleged abuse, Aune told the animal control officer:

"Oh, not a problem anymore the dog is dead. I killed it."

He added the bizarre reason for her demise:

"I know pit bulls, they are all about body language. She just looked at me funny and showed bad energy. I had to do something about it, for my health."

Aune's method for killing the young dog was brutal; he told animal services:

Trauma to the brain, I used a pick axe to the head."

Nelly had been adopted from Lee County Animal Services - animal services was alerted to the possible abuse by one of Aune's neighbors who had reported that the dog had been chased by her owner, picked up by her ears, and punched.

Aune was booked into jail; he is facing felony animal cruelty charges.

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