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Florida man fights back after abused child reunited with abuser

A Florida father and his young daughter are the true victims of the Florida courts after his child is removed from his home and placed in the same home as the teenage boy who abused her.
A Florida father and his young daughter are the true victims of the Florida courts after his child is removed from his home and placed in the same home as the teenage boy who abused her.
By Chris Potter (Flickr: 3D Judges Gavel) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

What is a parent to do when the court system fails to protect their child? A Florida man is wondering just this after having been dealt a huge injustice regarding the safety and welfare of his own young child. Examiner spoke with this man, who shall remain unnamed due to the very sensitive nature of this case and to protect the identity of the child.

In this case, a young girl has been victimized by her older half brother. The teenage boy has been medically assessed and has admitted not only to molesting their sibling but also of thinking about the abuse and having urges to do it again.

One might think that the court system and child protective services would forbid the children from living in the same household. It makes sense right? Typically a child who has been victimized is protected from her abuser and not made to even come in contact with the person who caused them trauma.

Unfortunately for this Florida man and his child, the court system is not protecting them. They have put the child in the care of her mother and the older sibling who victimized her is back in the home. The only means of protecting the abused in this case was to ban the teenage abuser from sleeping over at the home where his mother and half siblings reside. Even more shocking is the fact that the mother of both children knows about the abuse and does not deny it.

This case and the fact that no one is protecting this small child is so absurd that it even caught the attention of producers at the “Dr. Phil Show.” The family was all set to go on the show and talk about the young child's safety and well-being when at the last moment, the mother pulled the plug. Did she realize just how horrible it sounds to even consider reuniting the two children?

The father, who had custody of the young child and their other sibling for most of their lives, has now been stripped of his rights. After information about the abuse came out, he did what any sensible parent would do. He removed the child from the home to protect her from the abuse of a teenage boy who continues to prove a threat to her safety. Unfortunately, he did so without court approval or legal backing and because of that, he no longer has custody.

A little money and allegations of a few corrupt people in the legal system have literally left this child to the vices of a teenage abuser and no one seems to be willing or able to stop it. According to one Children Protective Services website, their mission statement says: “The Children Services Division is dedicated to protecting children from abuse and neglect, preserving families when possible, reuniting children with their parents when the problems that caused abuse or neglect are resolved, and permanency for those children who cannot be reunified.”

So why in this particular case and possibly many more that haven't been heard, is the child being taken from the protective parent and being placed in the care of the dangerous one? It says very clearly that their mission is to reunite a parent and child “when the problems that caused abuse and neglect are resolved.” The teenager has been mentally evaluated and treated but does that mean the safety issue is resolved? Is it worth risking the safety of the younger child?

Due to the inaction in the legal system, a petition has been created to bring awareness to this issue and to help this man get his children removed from the house where her abuser lives. Please take a moment to read it. Be warned, details contained within are rather graphic and disturbing, which is why this is so very important. Let the courts know that no victim, be they adult or child, should be forced to live in the same home as their abuser.

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