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Florida man faces animal cruelty charge after throwing dog to the ground

A Jack Russell terrier was injured/NOT the dog from this story
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According to Monday's publication of the TC Palm, a dog who was being shown at an adoption event in Fort Pierce, Fla., was injured after a man threw him to the ground on Friday morning.

John Gibson, of Coconut Creek, is facing a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge for picking up a three-year-old Jack Russell terrier named "Boston," and hurling him into the ground. Gibson was said to be angry because the little dog had nipped his daughter after she petted him.

Boston was in the care of Humane Society of St. Lucie County volunteer at the time - the volunteer had apparently assured the man, and the child, that the dog was friendly.

Boston sustained a compound fracture to one of his legs after being thrown to the ground; he requires surgery to repair the fractured leg.

The child who was nipped sustained bruising, but her skin was not broken; her father was released shortly after being arrested.

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