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Florida Man Catches Two Women Stealing His Stuff on Camera

The video just about says it all. A Florida resident by the name of Rich caught two middle-aged women trying to steal his family's stuff on the beach on the Fourth of July. According to Rich, he and his family regularly leave their belongings on the beach, which is just a block or so away from his home. They've never had a problem before and always return to retrieve their stuff from public property later.

Apparently, this time was different. Rich returned just an hour or so later to find two middle-aged women taking down his canopy and packing up his kids' belongings. At first, they thought he was a stranger offering to help them take down the large and unwieldy structure, as they were having trouble with disassembling it. Rich informs them that it's actually his stuff, but the ladies try to play it off like it's an accident or some form of strange miscommunication.

This act doesn't last very long nor go very well, because one of them realizes the jig is up and threatens Rich. She angrily tells him she will comply with his demands that she step away from his things, but she that she will also take his camera afterwards. She then gallops toward him in a threatening manner to knock his camera out of his hand and lands a less-than-vicious blow, causing Rich to back-pedal and fumble with his camera. the camera then shuts off as Rich presumably has his hands full mounting a defense.

Although Rich luckily escapes unharmed, this just goes to show that criminals come in all different shapes and sizes. The original video can be found here. the incident took place Friday July 4th, but was uploaded the following Tuesday.

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