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Florida man arrested for multiple sexual assaults of his roommate's dog

Joshua Lee Werbicki
Palm Bay PD

A 22-year-old man has been arrested and charged in Palm Bay, Fla., for allegedly sexually assaulting a dog on multiple occasions, reported Tuesday's publication of Florida Today.

The sordid activity was captured by the roommate of the suspect, Joshua Lee Werbicki; the roommate installed a surveillance camera when she worried that the man might be abusing a child in the residence.

When the woman reviewed the surveillance footage, she did find evidence of abuse, but the victim was a German shepherd named "Angel," rather than a child.

According to police documents, Werbicki is believed to have assaulted the female shepherd six times.

On Dec. 27, authorities arrested Werbicki at the Papa John's restaurant where he was employed as a delivery driver.

Werbicki's alleged, deviant behavior has him facing a misdemeanor charge of sex with an animal, as well as a felony charge of animal cruelty. The abused dog remains in the care of Werbicki's former roommate.

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