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Florida Libertarians mobilize The Big Switch to spur more voters as Libertarians

Members of the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) and its county affiliates will be out in their communities this weekend of February 8, 2014 in a major push to encourage the voting public to switch their party affiliation from Democrat, Republican or No Party Affiliation (NPA) over to the Libertarian Party. They are riding a wave that is on their side as the general public is already moving in that direction. In Florida, Democrat's voter registration is down for 2013 by 200,000 and Republicans are down by over 130,000 according to the State of Florida's Division of Elections website.

This weekend's event is one of at least three others planned throughout the year culminating in what the Libertarians expect to be a dramatic rise in registered Libertarian Party voters in the State of Florida by the close of 2014. The public doesn't need to wait until this weekend to register as a Libertarian, they can go directly to this page and get a jump on things today.

Late last year the LPF began a plan they are calling 'The Big Switch' set for this weekend of February 8, 2014 whereas third party voter registrars will either be at a set location or, as is the case in Palm Beach County, canvassing neighborhoods going door-to-door to give information about the Libertarian Party and see if those wish to register to vote. Since, for example, the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County is a third party voter registration organization they will need to turn in any and all voter registrations they receive no matter if they are for the Republican or Democratic parties. Palm Beach and Broward affiliates expect to do 'The Big Switch' both Saturday and Sunday. There are currently 1,108 registered Libertarian voters in Palm Beach County according to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website.

On the West Coast of Florida Libertarian Party members will be focusing not only on signing up voters but also campaigning for U.S. House Rep candidate for District 13, Lucas Overby. Vice-Chair of the LPF, Alexander Snitker, stated in a post Monday, "This race is winnable. There are two damaged candidates who have not energized either of their bases, a near 20% estimated voter turnout and a Libertarian candidate who has earned credibility in the fight. The Overby Campaign has been out with the voters doing the right things needed to win. There has been a major door-to-door campaign, town halls across the district and phone banking from around the state."

LPF Executive Committee member Jared Grifoni said at the time LPF decided to move forward with the strategy, “We have approximately 14 months until voters go to the polls on Election Day and about 11 months until voters go to the polls for the primaries. Who is going to come out and vote in the LPF primary and for LPF candidates on Election Day? It is imperative that we continue to grow our ranks. People are bleeding left and right (no pun intended) out of the two major parties. Where are they going? A lot of them are going NPA."

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