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Florida Legislature Looking At Medical Marijuana

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The Florida Legislature is in Tallahassee and is looking at the legalization of medical marijuana. Now here is the difference between this bill and the amendment that voters will be voting on in November. In the legislative bill they are looking at a form of pot called Charlotte's Webb. It has low THC and an increased level of CBD. The THC is the part of the plant that gets you high. The CBD is the part that will help with seizures and does not get you high. In a committee room this week many parents with their children came in and made a bunch of old men cry. These children suffer from many things but what has been proven in other cases is that the CBD marijuana helps with their seizures.

Many of the conservatives like father and son Don and Matt Gaetz along with others Rep. Katie Edwards, Rep. Dave Hood , and Rep.Dune Eagle have all changed their minds concerning the legalization of medical marijuana. They have been soul searching and have finally come to the conclusion that if it can help these children that they would like to help.

Now their are some who think that everyone is rushing to get this done and some sort of science should step in and look at the side effects that will come with this drug. In the meantime, many are hurting and waiting for someone to do something.

This is not going to pass all the way through the legislative session. At least not in this time frame. In the state of Florida things just don't work like that. We also have the medical marijuana amendment that will be voted on in the fall. This does not have the restrictions of the THC content that the legislative bill does. We are making some headway though since we are at least working on doing something about this problem. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to