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Florida is already facing the effects of global warming

Though some might not believe the effects of climate change have already taken hold, Florida can tell them otherwise. Even without rain, their streets are flooding. This is due to the lunar high tides that now take over the streets.

Global warming is causing flooding in Florida
Getty Images/ Photo by Marianna Massey

According to A New York Times report from Wednesday, this is becoming a frequent occurrence. A local who owns a laundromat on Alton Road said that he’s owned the business for 8 years. He noted that the floods never used to happen, but now it’s all the time.

On Tuesday, the White House released the National Climate Assessment, a study that has shown that rising temperatures have already affected the U.S. The study has named Miami as well as New Orleans, Tampa, Charleston, S.C. and Virginia Beach as the places most at-risk for sea-level rise. The New York Times notes that even as floods continue and this report is released, Florida’s politicians can’t decide what to do about the issue, or whether its a real problem .

However, the report has shown that around the world, sea level has risen 8 inches since the 1880s. The study says that within the next 80 years, the levels could continue to rise between 1 and 4 feet, or even as high as 6 feet. For all the flat, lowland along the coasts, this means bad news.

A 2011 study also indicated that while a rise in sea-level elsewhere might not be as damaging, Miami’s flood control system, now over 50 years old, would be completely overwhelmed. The study also suggest that more and more saltwater will sink through the porous limestone the city is built on into underground sources of drinking water and force the city to drill new wells. Ultimately, it seems that climate change could really be Miami’s undoing.

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