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Florida House Committee Discusses CS/HB 843 Cannabis (Charlotte's Web)

Florida House Committee Discusses CS/HB 843 Cannabis (Charlotte's Webb)
Florida House Committee Discusses CS/HB 843 Cannabis (Charlotte's Webb)

Today in the Florida House Committee on Appropriations Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) brought before the body a bill that would use a form of Cannabis sometimes called Charlotte's Web. This marijuana is not the high THC form of the plant but a form that uses the CBD which can help with Epilepsy, Cancer, Alzheimer's Disease , Lou Gehrig's Disease, and possible Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

The bill will allow research as well as distribution of this form of Cannabis. The problem with the research is that most universities won't touch it because if they do they face the possibility of losing Federal Funds. The Federal Government still outlaws cannabis although they are finally breaking down the rules and allowing the University of Arizona to do research on this form of Cannabis for its possible use on cases of PTSD.

It is possible, even with this bill, that if you are growing this form of Medical Marijuana you could still be arrested. Although with the correct paperwork and testing one could prove their innocence and be set free. Some of the questions about this bill concern the possibility of arrest as well as the concern, as in other states, that people could get this form marijuana and use it for illegal purpose. The beauty of this form is that with no THC there will be no getting high. Now to get a good CDB there has to be a small amount of THC but it is almost non existent.

Representatives were appreciative for all who spoke on behalf of this bill but were cautious in the approach that they should take. One problem was the million dollars of research money that is involved with the bill. The fear is that it might be too small an amount.

I don't think that some of the Representatives actually understood what was being said to them about the quality of the CDB but with more discussions they will learn. For some today this was an epiphany.

Peyton Mosely, President of Care 4 Florida, spoke and was emotional due to the fact that his daughter was scheduled to speak but could not because she had to be admitted to Shands Hospital due to her epilepsy. The committee was moved and will probably pass it today for further vote. I am writing this as it is on the television at this moment. I have to say that it is very emotional listening to the testimony. It is time for all concerned to learn that Marijuana is not the evil that it has been promoted to be for all these years. It can help those that actually need it. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to